About This Blog

Well, I wanted to start a blog to showcase my sewing, crafts, etc. So here it goes. But you should know, I’m a beginner in pretty much any craft I try.

My parents gave me a sew machine last year for Christmas. And I felt a little silly accepting it, I didn’t sew, didn’t know if I wanted to learn, or if I could. I had sewn a little growing up, a simple apron, or a few quilt tops. But my mom, who is an excellent seamstress, was always there to rescue me when after a stitch of two I’d look up panic stricken asking “now what!”.
But I went home, and started reading sewing blogs, and how-to sites. And I got excited!

But I suffer from acute-craft-hesitation, I have so many projects that I want to do, I’ve got lists and lists of ideas. I’ve got the time. I have most of the materials, or could gather them up easily. But its like staring at a blank page, not being able to make the first mark. Eek, once you cut that fabric, its over, especially when you only have just enough to make it work.

I’m a student, and a wife of a student. I don’t have a big budget. So I love crafts that refashion and reuse.

I’ve attempted a few things, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes I get frustrated, throw my hands up, and the project ends up in a heap that I swear I’ll come back to eventually. But a few projects have turned out pretty good, and I use or wear them all the time.

I hope having this site will help me to get over my hesitation and get to creating and show and telling!  I appreciate all comments too!

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And if we’re friends or family let me know {email me: ellendavenport(at)ymail(dot)com}, and I can send you an invitation to my private personal blog.