Sunday, May 9, 2010

Refashioned Spring Outfit

I haven’t had time for much crafting lately. But I found just enough time to fashion a new outfit.

So I had this navy shirt, its a good fit, three quarter sleeves. But it had a logo from a former job on the left side. I tried appliquéing over the embroidery but it looked terrible. So I pulled that off, and tried something new. I came up with this:IMG_0527


I sewed some of these fabric flowers—in the car (thats how easy they are) as we drove across the state to visit family--And then I hand sewed the flowers onto the shirt.

(Since we were on the road, the only place I got a photo was in the car)

Its been through the wash now and everything stayed secure, hooray!


I wanted to refashion the navy shirt so that I could wear it with this skirt I whipped up. It came from this lovely little number, Bought at Old Navy extra clearance clearance sale:

XL weird tube top/one shoulder knit jersey dress, with floppy wingy sleeve. Yuck. But I loved the print navy and white print. So I cut it straight across the middle and added an elastic waistband.

And ta da, I had a super comfy skirt, and for cheap, $3.00.

So if you have a shirt with an old ugly logo, a few scraps of fabric, and a not so hot dress you’d like to cut up and turn into a skirt…you can whip up a new spring outfit too!