Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Boy Baby Gift

For a friend’s brand new (not so new) little monkey, baby booties and a stenciled onesie! It just took me 3 months to gift it to the recipient. Poor kid was born in January. His momma assures me it will still fit…we’ll see.

IMG_0800 IMG_0806

I just love freezer paper stencils! Cut stencil, iron, paint, wait for it to dry(impatiently), peel, and ta da!

More instructions and links for Freezing Paper Stenciling how to at

this earlier post.


And my new favorite crafting tool:


Instead of using an exacto knife (which scare me) I picked up this nifty cutter, its got a ceramic micro tip. Its sharp enough but without a big bulky blade. And its got a snap on lid just like a pen. I love it! Now I have to/get to make more stencils!


Alesha said...

For all you crafty people out there, it fit perfectly, and everyone loved it. I pointed my sisters-in-law to this blog because they commented on how cute it was. Thanks, Ellen!

Beattie Family said...

woah those were so stinkin' cute!!! Eden's having a monkey birthday party next week, I would love to make little t-shirts for all the little girls! where oh where did you get that nifty cutter? I need, need, need, ok just want one...Really Ellen you are really nifty yourself, that onsie is adorable.