Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Fabric Flowers!

So the inspiration for these flowers comes from having to read a book for a class over the weekend. I got an audiobook version of it, and blissfully listened my way through it, while making pretty little flowers. Here some of my creations:

IMG_0178 IMG_0182 

  • Instructions on how to make the flower in this post.
  • Then I sewed on a pearly shank button in the middle.
  • Then, folded a piece of sheer ribbon and stitched it to the back.
  • Next, sewed the pin piece to a circle of white felt.
  • Last, I used Tacky glue (inspired by this tutorial) to adhere the felt to the fabric. I love this stuff now!

I did a few singed silk flowers too. I mentioned them earlier in this post. 


I really love the way they turned out this time! Plus it kept my hands busy while I was listening to my homework!



Jenni said...

Love both of those!! Especially the blue polka dotted one, something about the ribbon leaf is super adorable!

Jenni said...

ooh, and a thought on the singed silk, what if you did a row or two of the fabric upside down, so that the rolled over edge would look the same? Maybe it does and I just can't tell... who knows, either way, so cute!