Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dollhouse Curtains

This was such a fun Christmas project.

My grandpa, my mom’s dad, was a woodworker. He built my mom a beautiful dollhouse.  My sisters and I played with it as children. But for the last ten years, its been stored away in a corner of the garage. Since my grandfather passed away two years ago, my mom’s been wanting to get it out and fix it up. 

IMG_0396For Christmas, my sister Maren unearthed it from the depths of the garage, disinfected it(mice, eek!), replaced the floorboards, and had it re-varnished. My sisters Sarah and Abby bought cute little furnishings for the rooms. And I made the curtains for the windows(the original glass windows had all been broken out).

Luckily, I had some material from my Grandma Ruby’s fabric stash. I think it was originally curtains; sky blue with little white polka dots.

I made 9 sets of tiny curtains. Here’s how they turned out, really simple:IMG_0451IMG_1010


Jenni said...

Super cute!! ...any fabric left over and you wanna make me a shirt out of it? haha

Ellen Davenport said...

I do have a lot more of the fabric. I've been meaning to make a shirt out of it. But its pretty sheer, so we'll see. Maybe a button up, loose to wear over another shirt.