Friday, January 22, 2010

Navy Stripe- Shirt Altering

So good ole’ Old Navy had another 50% off clearance sale. (Thank you Jenni, my girl on the inside, for the heads up). I went and picked up a few more things to refashion, and I’ve been working of my other works-in-progress too.

So this one isn’t a true refashion. All I really did was resize it.   (Cost= $2.49)

IMG_0809  IMG_0939

However, I completely took it apart to do so. Mostly because of the neckline- love this style. Don’t know what its called, anyone know? I decided to take it up in the shoulders to make it fit better, higher, and less saggy. A few inches makes a big difference. (pinned:)IMG_0859

This is what the inside construction looks like (inside out). Front and back pieces overlap to create the shoulder seam where the sleeve is attached. IMG_0860So I trimmed/ripped out the shoulder seams and side seams. I then overlapped the flaps more and stitched them in place.

Then I tried a new way of attaching sleeves, which is the EASY way! Sew the shoulder seams, flat, then sew up the side seam and sleeve seam in one pass. Really good tutorial here, its worth checking out! I’ll never do set in sleeves the hard way again, unless I have to. IMG_0862The sleeves were already perfectly finished, I just had to unstitch the bar stitch that was keeping them tacked up. I always need more long sleeve shirts, my arms get cold easy, so I’d prefer to have them long instead of leaving them rolled up. Oh and they were a bit wide, so I took them in as well.

I usually try to get by with using as few pins as possible, but this knit tended to roll up on the edges. Also, I wanted to get the stripes lined up as best I could.

IMG_0867   IMG_0875 Then finish up with a twin needle hem.  IMG_0930 The neckline turned out pretty good.The alterations were pretty effective.IMG_0890IMG_0938 


I’m thinking about adding a stencil. I really like the sailor feel of the navy and white stripes. So I  was thinking along the lines of the Navy theme, I’d do an anchor.

What do you think? Too Cheesy?

Which color? (these are just photoshopped to get an idea)


Anchor stencil test


Jenni said...

Woo! Sweet shirt! ...I have the same one! haha it is called a Boat Neck, which only increases the nautical theme! My original thought when you said stencil was Yellow... but I like how crisp the white is... I don't really like the black cause it competes with the navy. And as for it being navy... I kinda like that one. maybe if the rope for the anchor was yellow?

Great job by the way!!

Beattie Family said...

wow, how come everyone else in the family got the sewing gene? This is neato. I really like the neckline too.